The kick-off is the first thing our developer client experiences when beginning their partnership with Camelot. We invite major stakeholders and contributors of the project to our business and host a small party, breaking the ice and beginning professional relationships that hopefully lead to a successful project.  It is a fantastic way for the developer, contractor, and broker to get face-to-face interaction our company while ironing out initial plans of sales, operations, and marketing.

Especially now with communication becoming more remote and digital, it is important to start a project with every stakeholder on the same page with goals and objectives. The kick off is an example and a good embodiment of the core value and unique strength Camelot adds. We pride ourselves on assisting and consulting every step of development and beyond. Camelot uses its small company size to our advantage by spreading expertise across management, brokerage, and investment.

A partnership with Camelot means you will see a lot of us every step of the way!