As a transplanted New Yorker from California with 15+ years of experience in the NYC real estate business, Howard T. Palmer has quickly established himself as a sought-after sales, rental and commercial agent in Manhattan. With an office base in the heart of The Flat Iron District and having represented both buyers and sellers in hundreds of transactions in the both Manhattan and Brooklyn, Howard is to go-to neighborhood specialist. On both sides of the transaction, he has achieved top prices for sellers and negotiated outstanding value for his buyers. Howard is highly connected within the brokerage, business, buyers and landlords and leverages his national and international network to pair buyers and sellers every day. He is an expert in dealing with savvy clients who operate within strict timelines and budgets, and brings deep knowledge of the market, available inventory and effective pricing strategies.

Howard has a B.A. in Comparative Literature from San Francisco State University. He has traveled the world and is interested in all things cultural and is always open to learning more. Howard is involved in volunteer work for City Harvest. Tibetan causes, Environmental issues and working w/homeless groups. The strength of Howard’s professionalism, coupled with his interest in the arts, literature, finance and volunteer work makes him a person with whom people genuinely relish working. As evidenced by his extensive, long-standing professional and personal network in NYC, and beyond, he recognizes the true value of forming connections and maintaining relationships. He establishes immediate rapport with his clients listens and digs deep to gain a full understanding of their unique needs and challenges to deliver results. Howard’s highly responsive nature, 24/7 availability, strong sense of urgency and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction has produced a loyal client following and remains paramount to his business success. In his free time, reading, writing, playing/producing music, and enjoying the arts.


P: 212-206-9939
M: 917-495-8273